Some Simple Home Buying & Selling Tips 

Below are few tips for buying and selling your home.

Buying & Selling TipsHome Selling Tips:

  1. Hire the right agent. Look for someone with experience in your market.
  2. Price it right. Price your home at market value or just above, to leave room for negotiation. If you price too high, you may miss your buyer. Alternatively, list your home just under market value to create a sense of urgency. Discuss options with your agent to find the best approach.
  3. First impressions are everything and can make or break a buyer’s opinion. Put your best foot forward by de-cluttering and putting away personal items and knick knacks, as well as making sure everything is clean, bright and smelling good.
  4. Always be ready to show your home.
  5. Discuss any upgrades that may add value to your home with your agent. This generally includes kitchens and bathrooms.

Home Buying Tips:

  1. Visit the home at different times of day. This will offer perspective on traffic, light, and noise.
  2. Check the storage to ensure that the space will work for you.
  3. Have a thorough inspection of the home and discuss potential red flags with your agent. A few to look out for are mold, lead paint, foundation, and/or bug problems.

Mortgage Companies
Below are links to the mortgage companies based in Yuma. Work with your agent to find the best one for you.

Guild Mortgage

Nova Home Loans

Academy Mortgage Yuma

Amerifirst Yuma